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Best Songs to fill the Dance Floor

5 Best Songs to Fill the Dance Floor at your Wedding

Ben here! The bass player from Honeydew Marmalade… With my 5 best songs to fill the dance floor at your wedding.

You’ve booked the photographer, the cake’s been ordered and the venue is sorted. You’re looking forward to your first dance hoping you don’t mess up that special routine and getting everyone on the dance floor soon after. You’ve just hired Honeydew Marmalade to perform at your wedding and here’s what I believe could be the 5 best songs to get the dance floor moving and the party started on your big day. In no particular order…

ABBA Medley – (Voulez Vous, Mama Mia, Waterloo and Dancing Queen)

Okay, okay technically this isn’t just one song, it’s four, but we’ve made this medley into one glorious ABBA packed moment. This is guaranteed to get everyone including your Nan on the dance floor singing along and most importantly having fun. Even your uncle who “doesn’t dance” is taping his foot on rhythm at the end of the bar and screaming along to Dancing Queen. 

Earth, Wind and Fire – (September) 

This is the song you wouldn’t say it’s one of your favourites until you hear it. All of a sudden you’re dancing and getting into the wedding party spirit. Even though the chorus lyrics are literally made up sounds you’ll be singing along regardless. 

Spice Girls Medley – (Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are and Spice Up Your Life)

Technically cheating again with another medley, but this one speaks to the inner child in all millennials . We take you seamlessly through three of The Spice Girls greatest hit and it will take the largest  demographic of the wedding back to the school disco and gets everyone moving. Spice up your life! 

Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag 

This is another one laced in nostalgia and will certainly have a special place in the heart of all the 90s kids in the audience. Fun Fact this is the first song front man Olly Andrew’s learnt on guitar and you can tell the passion the band had when they play it. The passion of the audience when they sing the high part “I’ve got two tickets to iron maiden baby!” 

Oasis – Don’t look back in Anger 

Oasis is built deep into British culture that from the first few chords of don’t look back in Anger you’ll have people running to the dance floor. There’s nothing like the chant of every wedding guest singing “sooo Sally can wait she knows it’s too late as we’re walking on by.” All in unison together, beautiful! 

Honourable Best Song Mentions…

Here are some honourable mentions, that I love – but felt didn’t make the cut compared to the others that we have on the table.

James – Sit Down 

This one deserves a mention as it’s an unlikely floor filler, but is a surprisingly popular song amongst the weddings we’ve played. We’ve even introduced a group dance section! 

Raise Against The Machine – Killing in the Name Of

This one time Christmas number one is the marmite of wedding songs you either absolutely love it screaming along or you are worried about aunt Joyce hearing the F word. Either way this one’s usually played later in the night so younger members of the wedding party. (Parental advisory required).

To Wrap Up…

Honeydew Marmalade take a great deal of care to ensure that the songs that we add into our setlist are the ones that are guaranteed to get you and your guests up and dancing. We take a lot of time speaking with each couple that we book with to make sure that the music on your special night is to your taste.

We are available for bookings now, so get in touch with us at honeydewbanduk@gmail.com today, and let’s get speaking!