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Honeydew Marmalade: How it All Started

Olly here, lead singer from Honeydew Marmalade. I am writing our first blog post about who we are to give you some knowledge about us and our plans for the future!

We celebrated our first birthday as a band just before Christmas 2022, and it has been one hell of a year for us, with everything falling into place so well. It has been a natural progression to get to where we are now as Honeydew Marmalade.

I run open mic nights around town, and I started putting one on at the Kelsey House Bar & Kitchen on Beckenham High Street. It was the opening night and in came a guy in a leather jacket with slicked-back hair looking like someone fresh out of the musical Grease. This T-Bird guy tore into a rendition of ‘Little Monster’ by Royal Blood. It was special, and I knew I wanted to work with him somehow. Fast forward a few weeks of Joe and I jamming together at the open mic, I suggested starting a covers band.

I knew Tony from the Bromley music scene, a multi-instrumentalist and fierce drummer with an old soul for 60’s music, and Joe got his best friend Ben involved to slap the bass.

The four of us all went to the same school as each other, but were in three different year groups.

At the first studio rehearsal in Croydon’s Rockbottom Rehearsal Rooms, we each learned around ten songs to jam to. It was a real coming together of musical talent. It felt seamless to me.

I have a background in performing my own music. I am the frontman of the folk/rock band Van Susans, and I love to write and perform my own songs. I have two albums and two EPs recorded under VS and am currently writing my third, which I anticipate to be released next year. I have performed all around Europe several times, have played at many festivals around the UK, and have toured with and supported artists from Imagine Dragons, The Beautiful South and Bastille.

I take great pride in the music I play and the talented musicians I collaborate with, always striving to uphold a standard of exceptional quality in my performances. I know the importance of showmanship and getting a crowd going. That is why I spend a lot of time on song selection and want to be something other than just another covers band who plays your obvious song requests like ‘Mr. Brightside’ and ‘Wonderwall’.

I love the moment when I look out across the room when we break into a song and see the reaction of people as they say to their friends, ‘Oh, I haven’t heard this song in ages’, or ‘I’ve never heard a covers band play this song before’. That gives me absolute satisfaction knowing that we are doing something different. As the band continues along this path, we will keep pushing on with challenging ourselves with new exciting songs to add to our set.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!